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I can't even count how many times the statement of how boring Buffalo is as a city comes to my ears. Be it friends, family, or complete strangers, Buffalonians seem to constantly dwell on the depressing state winter instills in them, rather than see the city for the wealth of art it contains. Sure there are the sports teams and the art galleries, but there is so much more to experience. Just this past weekend alone I have had the pleasure of seeing great bands and limited release cinema that few cities can boast.

We must have the best little, big city art scene in the country as we have the venues to attract the big name bands (yeah so we dont get all of them, but there is always Toronto for that minor inconvenience), as well as the club shows for those on the fringe. How can you beat a $15 ticket to see up and coming bands like The Spill Canvas and Mae at Club Infinity on a Friday night? Sure these two seem to have more of a tweener following, but musically are compelling for all ages. Mae unfortunately stuck to its tried and true studio song versions, with success, but the Spill Canvas really went all out for an hour opening set, expanding songs and showing some real guitar flare that I never picked up on the album; they are one to watch out for.

Then on Saturday the music continues with Blue Hippopotamus and Ours at the Showplace Theatre, again for only $15. Blue Hippo blew me away with their string/drum trio playing powerful lounge/jazz that would entice David Lynch to utilize in a film much like Mulholland Dr's Club Silencio scene. Caitlin Jaene's voice is haunting and I am anxious to hear some more once they record some tracks. And then there is the incomparable Jimmy Gnecco and his band Ours. With the vocal range of Jeff Buckley and all the angst at the world coming through the deep, reflective lyrics, you don't get a better show than this. After seeing them six times, (5 in Buffalo), I can truly say their set evolves and gets better each showing. Gnecco's rapport with the Buffalo crowd is also top-notch saying how the Queen City is his favorite no matter what his friend Vincent Gallo says about his own hometown, (and he likes to set it straight that they look nothing alike).

And what better way to finish the weekend off than a little known heart of Sundance film at the local Dipson Theatre. We are literally right behind NYC and LA when it comes to seeing the festival circuit movies on the big screen, and the wonderful Little Miss Sunshine (review here) is no exception.

So when looking for something to do on a slow Buffalo evening, pick up a Spree to check out the calendar, or check out your favorite bands' websites for tour listings, you'd be surprised to see what you can find at great prices to pass your time with.

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